Cargo storage and management

A company aiming at being competitive in the beginning of 21st century should constantly stake on the development of technology in the field of logistics. This would lead to sustainably minimising the costs in a long term.

VART Ltd. avails of indoor and outdoor storage facilities equipped in line with the requirements for storage, loading, unloading and reloading of your goods for short or long terms by offering the following operations to the customers:

  • - Temporary storage.
  • - Customs-controlled storage of goods in a type "A" warehouse.
  • - Storage of customs regime-exempted goods.
  • - Storage of goods in a duty free warehouse.
  • - Storage of goods in a temporary warehouse.
  • - Cargo management and control.
  • - Stock availability references.
  • - Cargo grading, packaging, labelling, palletization and securing according to the customer requirements.
  • - Any kind of loading and reloading operations according to the product type and the specificity.

VART Ltd. avails of a bank guarantee to provide under favorable terms and conditions to their customers for securing the customs duties upon customs warehousing of goods.

The good management of the material and capital resources, i.e., the good management of the company logistic function ensures the general costs to be kept to a minimum.