Customs agency and mediation

VART Ltd. provides dirct customs representation within the meaning of art. 5 of the Community Customs Code, the Customs Act and Regulations for the Customs Act Enforcement and other regulations related to their enforcement. By maintaining close professional relationships with the customs services and correctly prepared documents for years, we are successful in the quick and efficient performance of the customs formalities, by achieving short terms for releasing the goods. We also perform actions and procedures for granting a customs destination and placing the goods under customs regimes:

  • - Import
  • - Export
  • - Transit
  • - Customs storage
  • - Active improvement
  • - Handling under customs control
  • - Temporary import
  • - Passive improvement
  • - Import of goods in a duty free zone or warehouse
  • - Destruction of goods
  • - Filing safety and security statements

VART Ltd. prepares all types of customs documents:

  • - Trade documents and transport documents.
  • - Certificates.
  • - Statements, etc.
  • - Any kind of requests: For permits for use of simplified declaration procedures; for extension of time limits; for the application of more favorable tariffs; for allowing duty-free imports, etc.

VART uses the ALPHA AGENT® licensed information system to ensure the preparation, control and the issue of customs, foreign trade and transport documents. Our company has a encrypted "system in the system" connection to the Customs Agency server for online filing of documents.

Additional services:

  • - Customs consultancy.
  • - Coordinating with governmental institutions
  • - Bank guarantee - to secure under favorable conditions the customs duties for the transit and reexport of goods under customs warehousing including excise goods
  • - Qualitative and quantitative survey of goods

Necessary documents to represent you in front of the customs institutions:

  • - Power-of-attorney by a natural person or legal entity (a standard text template will be provided upon request)
  • - A copy of a good standing certificate
  • - Permission to import and export
  • - Copies of the transport and trade documents
  • - ЕОRI number
  • - Also other documents, depending on specifics of the service.