Air transport

The air transport is the fastest and at the same time, the most expensive form of transport in the world. Thanks to our long cooperation with all airlines operating on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, we can offer you the following services:

  • - International air transport of shipments to and from all over the world:
    • - Import
    • - Export
    • - "Door-to-door" deliveries
    • - Cargo charter flights
  • - Individual logistic solutions.
    • - Storage of customs-controlled goods until receipt of a new destination.
  • - Optimal convenient routes and transport schemes.
  • - Shipment control and tracking.
  • - Bank guarantee for securing in the T1 operation.
  • - Customs service of the cargoes.
  • - Processing of documents.
  • - Shipment packaging, palletizing and labeling.

Our main goal is that our customers receive full satisfaction and transparency regarding the shipment route and security during transportation.