Transport by sea

VART Ltd. offers you a premium service for the biggest sea lines, competitive freights, the best transit delivery periods as possible and individual transport solutions for all types of cargoes in containers as well as for bulk cargoes. We can offer the following transport and logistics services related to the transport by sea:

  • - Import, export and transit of containers with integral and consolidated cargoes (FCL & LCL) on all relations by the city of Varna, the city of Burgas and other ports.
  • - Transportation in box containers and special equipment – refrigerating cars, platforms, Flat Track and Open Top containers.
  • - Transportation of cars, boats and yachts in containers from USA and other places.
  • - Combined transportation in containers - by road, rail and sea.
  • - "Door-to-door" container delivery.
  • - Transportation of all types of cargoes - excise, dangerous, customs-controlled, oversize goods, personal baggage, and other goods.
  • - Transport of consolidated containers.
  • - Project transport.
  • - Optimal convenient routes and transport schemes.
  • - Containerization and decontainerization in the port area as well as in our storage facilities.
  • - Terminal service
  • - Bank guarantee for securing in the T1 operation.
  • - Cargo insurance.
  • - Customs service of the cargoes.
  • - Processing of documents.
  • - Cargo packaging, palletizing, labeling and securing.
  • - Provision of constant up-to-date information regarding the location of your goods.

The VART policy is to build trust and friendship with their customers, and for this purpose, we are aiming at offering services that correspond to high quality and professionalism.