Road transport

Our company offers its customers transport from and to the countries of CIS and the Middle East, the Balkans, Western and Central Europe, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Scandinavia, UK and the Baltic states of all types of goods according to their type, volume, weight, and specific requirements.

We can offer you the following express and cost-saving opportunities for road transport:

  • - Consolidated shipments from and to Europe
  • - Deliveries of aggregate cargo from and to Europe
  • - Transport under all conditions, in compliance with INCOTERMS.
  • - Transportation of personal items.
  • - Transportation of bulk and liquid cargoes.
  • - Project transport.
  • - "Door-to-door" deliveries of goods
  • - Transport of goods in a regulated temperature mode
  • - Transportation of oversize and dangerous goods (Upon your specific request, we can arrange for the overall transport with specially equipped trucks for the transport of goods, with non-standard size or a different danger class in guaranteed security.
  • - Optimal convenient routes and transport schemes.
  • - Cargo insurance.
  • - Bank guarantee for securing in the T1 operation.
  • - Customs service of the cargoes.
  • - Processing of documents.
  • - Cargo packaging, palletizing, labeling and securing.
  • - Provision of security when transiting excise and high value goods.

Our goal is optimization of processes - the delivery of the goods or materials to the right place at the right time with minimum efforts and expenses.